Session-4: Society 5.0 with Ruby: The Key to Developing Socially-Useful Human Resources

Date and time

December 17th (Thu) 14:55 - 15:25(JST)


Natsuko Uchida

Ferris University Lecturer

I am a lecturer at the IT Center of Ferris University. I am engaged in the construction and operation of our school systems and IT education. I am working on robot projects for K-12 and suggesting or social issues with industry-academia-government collaboration using data. Recently, I am studying the effect of programming education by PBL for non-science course students.

Saki Ijichi

Ferris University Student

I am a third grader belonging to the international exchange department of Ferris University. I learned Ruby in the class which I attended at the age of a second grader for the first time and made a Ferris wheel. The hobby is a clarinet and a piano. I keep two cats.

Erina Nagai

Ferris University Student

I am a junior at Ferris University. I am studying sociology. My only programming experience is in elementary school, where I learned html. Coding as a team is both difficult and fun.The key to a successful team is a design document.

Haruna Horiike

Ferris University almuni

When I was in my third year of college, I started taking a programming class using Ruby and touched a PC. I am currently working in society by making use of the know-how I learned there.


Society 5.0 with Ruby: The Key to Developing Socially-Useful Human Resources

For three years, starting in the 2017 academic year, we have offered introductory programming with PBL in half of the semester, using the Ruby programming language. Graduates who have taken this class have found that learning from this class has significantly impacted their subsequent activities. This speech describes how current students and alumni have learned programming and how they have used it in their subsequent activities.